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Bridgwater Town Deal projects to take centre stage at community open event

Bridgwater residents and businesses will be able to find out more about the opportunities and benefits that the £23.2million Bridgwater Town Deal investment will bring at a community-focused open event on Thursday 19 October, taking place from 2pm until 7pm at the Town Hall Theatre.

Photo of the outside of Bridgwater Town Hall

The free-of-charge event will comprise an exhibition space for each of the eleven local projects that make up the Bridgwater Town Deal, as well as providing an overview of this exciting initiative. It will give the local community an opportunity to meet the people behind the projects, ask any questions they may have, and share feedback with the teams driving these developments.

Bridgwater was chosen as one of 101 towns that would receive investment through the government’s Towns Fund scheme as part of its Levelling Up programme. The £23.2million government funding aims to ‘level up’ the area and create a vibrant and welcoming town centre. This will be achieved by revitalising the social, cultural and economic offerings in town centre, as well as unlocking future growth by resolving traffic congestion and protecting the area from tidal flooding.

Cllr Ros Wyke, Somerset Council’s Lead Member for Economic Development, Planning and Assets, said: “We are delighted to see the Bridgwater Town Deal fund move from the planning phase into delivery. As our former teams have come together across the new authority, we are starting to see real benefit in a combined approach to regeneration that encompasses many of the different elements that the Council, working closely with partners in the community, can bring. We look forward to talking to the community about these projects at this event.”

Paul Moore, Chairman of the Bridgwater Town Deal Board, said: “This event is a great opportunity for those living and working in Bridgwater to get better acquainted with what the Town Deal is all about, and to find out what it will mean for the ‘Places and Spaces’ around Bridgwater town centre. The Bridgwater Town Deal board and all those involved in delivering these exciting projects want Bridgwater to be a better place to live, do business and enjoy yourself. Join us at the Town Hall Theatre on 19 October to see what’s coming up next and meet the people working hard to help Bridgwater take another step towards a better future.”


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