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Building work commences on The Engine Room, paving the way for an expanded cultural hub

Photo of four people from the Mario Maintenance Service Team working at The Engine Room project, which is part of the Bridgwater Town Deal
Mario Maintenance Service Team at The Engine Room

The Engine Room, an inspiring cultural hub situated at 50-52 High Street in Bridgwater, is thrilled to announce the start of work to complete the top floor of its facility in August 2023. Spearheaded by the dedicated efforts of local contractors, the project enlists Paul Hill Technical Services (SW) Ltd for electrical work, Montana Scaffolding Ltd for scaffolding services, and Mario Maintenance Service Ltd for building activities.

The Engine Room, owned and operated by Somerset Film, is a beacon of community-driven creativity and empowerment. As a non-profit organisation and film production company, Somerset Film empowers individuals and communities through the transformative potential of film and digital technology. The organisation utilises The Engine Room’s space not only for content production but also to facilitate an array of activities and operate a welcoming vegetarian cafe.

The noteworthy project is one of eleven made possible by the Bridgwater Town Deal. The overall aim of the Bridgwater Town Deal is to help level up the area and create a vibrant and welcoming town centre. The development of The Engine Room is the first project to commence.

Photo of two people from Paul Hill Technical Services working on The Engine Room project, which is part of the Bridgwater Town Deal
Paul Hill Technical Services working at The Engine Room

Paul Moore, Chairman of the Bridgwater Town Deal Board, expressed his excitement for the project’s development: “The commencement of work at The Engine Room signifies a significant step forward for one of the 11 projects comprising the Bridgwater Town Deal. The £23.2 million Town Deal investment is poised to rejuvenate various venues and areas within the heart of Bridgwater, enhancing the quality of life for residents and visitors alike. The Engine Room exemplifies how local contractors leverage government funding, nurturing local businesses and workers, thereby contributing to the town’s prosperity and ensuring a lasting legacy.”

Deborah Richardson, Creative Director of Somerset Film, emphasised the impact of The Engine Room’s expansion: “The Engine Room’s expanded space isn’t just an architectural transformation; it’s part of our commitment to nurturing artistic collaboration and community engagement regardless of age and experience. As a non-profit, charity-driven organisation, we are dedicated to harnessing the power of film and digital technology to empower and uplift.”

Press release issued by Somerset Film


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