Bridgwater has a long and proud industrial heritage including ship building, brick and tile production and its role as a port.

Today, it is again at the heart of the local, regional and national growth agenda. Showing the same pioneering spirit of old, the area is at the forefront of delivering clean, inclusive and sustainable growth demonstrated by the new nuclear investment at nearby Hinkley Point C – the first to be built in the UK for over 20 years – and the bold plans for the 600-acre Gravity Smart Campus – both of which are catalysts for growth, innovation and skills for the future.

Indeed, in planning for growth, we are also tackling the needs of local communities through investment in skills and training supported by our flagship College driving unique industry collaborations, our established Employment & Skills matching centre – ‘Under-Construction’ – and delivery of the National College for Nuclear and the Energy Skills Centre.

Now, through the Bridgwater Town Deal investment, we will help to unlock future growth by protecting the whole area from tidal flooding and resolving traffic congestion on the outskirts of town. But the real focus of our plan is geared towards future-proofing the social, cultural and economic recovery of our town centre. It is a plan that will broaden and diversify what the town has to offer, making the town centre more family-friendly and walkable. It will galvanise our cultural programme and historic venues, making it exciting and inspiring for residents and visitors, and supporting our local businesses as they recover from the pandemic.

Our plan does not just stop there. We aim to continue to work with our communities, local stakeholder groups, private partners and landowners to pave the way for further development in the future so that we can respond quickly as market confidence returns, realising a strong future for Bridgwater.

On this page, we’ll guide you towards some useful resources for advice and information about Bridgwater – whether you’re interested in the town’s history and heritage, planning a visit to the town, or perhaps thinking about setting up or relocating a business here.

This is an ambitious and forward-thinking town with a strong community spirit, and it’s a really exciting time to be here!