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Walking and Cycling

Improved sustainability, accessibility and safety are the key outcomes that residents of Bridgwater can expect to enjoy courtesy of the Bridgwater Town Deal. £1million in funding has been earmarked for upgrades to the walking and cycling routes in and around the town, making it easier than ever to get around and stay active.

Local consultation and input have shaped the design proposals, ensuring that residents’ voices have been heard and that plans to revamp Bridgwater’s travel routes reflect the needs and desires of the community.

Starting in spring 2023, the planned upgrades will result in a bustling town centre with increased footfall, biking routes to help reduce local congestion, and improved connectivity between employment sites and housing areas.

These improvements are deeply rooted in sustainability and aim to reduce the amount of short-distance car trips in and around the town centre, especially during peak traffic times. By providing safer pedestrian walkways and upgraded cycling routes through the heart of Bridgwater, people can feel safe and secure while exploring the town or travelling to work.

The new walking and cycling infrastructure will see the Docks area emerge as a critical connection hub, creating active travel routes to link major employment areas, improving accessibility connections to Northgate Yard and making it easier to reach the town centre.

A family-friendly and accessible Bridgwater will be highly beneficial for the town’s residents while simultaneously enticing more visitors, leading to increased capacity for economic growth. The goal is to not only improve connectivity between key areas but also result in a notable economic upswing for the local community after the detrimental effects of Covid-19.

Bridgwater Town Deal Logo