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Town Wardens / Event Ambassadors

Thanks to the Town Deal funding, Bridgwater now has a dedicated team of trained and friendly Town Wardens, whose role is to help improve the perception of the town centre as an attractive place to live, work and visit.

The appointment of Bridgwater’s Town Wardens aims to enhance the wellbeing of everyone in the town. Through close collaboration with residents and businesses, they aim to establish a vital human connection between the communities of Bridgwater and the support services available to them, driving positive change.

Promoting safety throughout Bridgwater will be a key role for the Town Wardens. Through proactive engagement, they will act as a deterrent against antisocial behaviour, ensuring that public spaces remain welcoming and safe. Maintaining a visible presence in key areas will ensure everyone can fully enjoy all that Bridgwater has to offer.

Through various outreach initiatives and community programmes, the Town Wardens will help foster social cohesion, bolster civic engagement and safeguard vulnerable members of the community. This will also involve working closely with those at risk on the streets, assisting them in accessing the necessary support services. The Wardens will aim to forge effective working relationships with various service providers and organisations, combining efforts to enhance community confidence.

This £1million Bridgwater Town Deal project is part of a broader Bridgwater Town Deal initiative that aims to promote cohesion among local residents and businesses so that Bridgwater can thrive as a place where everyone feels supported, valued and excited to be part of this flourishing community.

The Town Wardens’ transformative presence will instill greater pride in the town’s heritage and bring fresh optimism of a brighter future for Bridgwater.

Bridgwater Town Deal Logo