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Town Hall Theatre

Thanks to the Bridgwater Town Deal funding, a series of upgrades to the Town Hall Theatre and the associated buildings will soon be underway. This investment is set to refresh the historic Grade II listed building and create a vibrant hub for arts and culture in the heart of Bridgwater.

The upgrades will see improvements to various aspects of the facility, including the auditorium seating, changing rooms and rehearsal space. The aim is to enhance the visitor experience and provide greater flexibility in the use of the venue, opening doors to a broader range of events. In addition, the introduction of a superior sound system and projection facilities will not only elevate the quality of performances but also enable external streaming and displays.

Accessibility is a key priority, so a new lift will be installed at the rear of the space, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the enriching experiences that the theatre has to offer. Within the Town Hall itself, meeting spaces and flexible offices will be improved, supporting local social enterprise growth and encouraging collaboration within the community.

This ambitious undertaking is part of a broader aim to create a vibrant and welcoming town centre, improving local cultural venues and ‘levelling up’ the facilities and opportunities for Bridgwater.

Overall, the future looks bright for Bridgwater’s arts and cultural scene, and the completion of this project will mark a significant milestone in the journey to revitalise the town’s cultural infrastructure. Thanks to the Bridgwater Town Deal investment, the Town Hall Theatre will play an important role in Bridgwater’s future creativity, artistic expression and inclusive community engagement.


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