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Engine Room

Exciting changes are on the horizon for the Engine Room, the accessible community media centre in the heart of Bridgwater that is home to the Somerset Film registered education charity. Thanks to the Town Deal investment, this establishment is set to benefit from an enhanced digital art exhibition space, flexible production studios, community training spaces and a new digital archive room.

Established in 2003, Somerset Film has been instrumental in fostering creative diversity and interest in Bridgwater. The improvements will build on its invaluable work, further enhancing the visitor experience and offering a dynamic platform for showcasing the cultural identity and rich heritage of Bridgwater.

The upgraded facilities at The Engine Room will include flexible studio space and superfast Wi-Fi, making it an ideal place for meetings, live-streaming events and community engagement. This transformation will enable Somerset Film to continue its commitment to skills development, creative resource access, and empowering individuals of all ages and abilities to have a voice.

The initial phase of the project will involve replacing windows, installing solar panels on the roof for increased energy efficiency, and erecting new signs to better showcase the facility. Subsequent alterations will create innovative studio suites and interactive art & cultural experiences that shine a spotlight on local talent and community initiatives.

The Engine Room upgrades will undoubtedly strengthen Bridgwater’s creative ecosystem, bolster community engagement and preserve the town’s cultural heritage. As the Engine Room evolves into a cutting-edge centre for creativity and communication, residents and visitors alike can look forward to a vibrant hub that reflects the spirit and aspirations of Bridgwater.


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