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Dunball Junction

Bridgwater residents and commuters are set to benefit as the town’s transport landscape undergoes a significant transformation with the highly anticipated upgrades to Dunball Junction.

With financial support from the Bridgwater Town Deal funding, Somerset Council’s Transport and Highways departments are undertaking this major infrastructure project that promises to deliver numerous benefits to the local community and beyond.

The project will provide an improved transport route into the town to reduce high levels of congestion, improve safety, and implement efficient traffic flow between Bridgwater town centre and the vital employment sites along the A38 and M5 at J23, paving the way for enhanced growth and regeneration.

A pivotal roundabout connecting the A38 with the A39 spur and M5 interchange, Dunball Junction has long been hampered by congestion during peak hours. With the first phase of the scheme taking an estimated 46 weeks to complete, the “throughabout” design will allow vehicles to travel straight across the roundabout, creating a smoother flow of traffic.

With a number of development schemes in the pipeline, the upgrades are not only essential for addressing the current issues but also for improving the access to the M5 in the future. This forward-thinking approach ensures that Bridgwater’s potential for growth remains unrestricted, fostering a dynamic and thriving local economy.

In line with environmental priorities, the project team has taken significant steps to incorporate sustainability measures. The inclusion of walking and cycling connections to the Dunball Industrial Estate underscores the project’s dedication to promoting eco-friendly modes of transportation. This holistic approach aligns with other walking and cycling proposals in the area, offering a seamless and interconnected travel experience for locals and visitors alike.

The Dunball Junction upgrades are a critical milestone in Bridgwater’s transportation journey. With efficiency, sustainability and collaboration at the forefront, the project is central to the town’s potential for continued growth, prosperity and improved quality of life.

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