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Celebration Mile

The Celebration Mile is a landmark project within the Bridgwater Town Deal and an essential milestone in Bridgwater’s transformation, invigorating the town centre, supporting local businesses, and attracting visitors from far and wide.

Overall, the project aims to create a pedestrian and cycle-friendly route connecting Bridgwater Railway Station to the Northgate Docks, while celebrating the town’s history and culture. From carefully crafted paving and striking public art, to installing street lighting and lush greenery, Bridgwater’s town centre is set to undergo a radical makeover.

With the Town Deal investment focusing on Eastover, Clare Street and Angel Crescent, these high-quality public realm improvements will create a welcoming environment for everyone and ensure an enjoyable and immersive experience along the Celebration Mile.

The project aims to boost Bridgwater’s potential as a thriving hub of economic and cultural activity. In addition to physical infrastructure, it encompasses a dynamic programme of cultural events that promise to entertain, delight and engage. A full-time Events and Outreach Manager has been recruited to manage these, as well as overseeing a dedicated grant programme to support new and exciting events in the town centre.

As Bridgwater emerges from the challenges of recent times, the Celebration Mile project is poised to play a pivotal role in supporting economic recovery. By creating new informal enterprise spaces, such as market stalls and pop-up units, the project addresses the need for inclusive growth and provides opportunities for local businesses to thrive. The improved footfall, enhanced attractions and increased consumer dwell time within the town will stimulate economic activity, benefitting the entire community.

The Celebration Mile project encourages active travel choices and aims to reduce reliance on private cars by improving pedestrian and cycling routes throughout the town. This shift towards greener transportation options will contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions and foster a healthier community.

As this project takes shape, residents and visitors alike can look forward to a revitalised Bridgwater, where history, culture and connectivity converge.

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