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Bridgwater Step-Up

The Bridgwater Step-Up project is an exciting initiative that aims to empower local entrepreneurs and fuel business innovation.

Located in the centre of town, the Bridgwater Step-Up hub promises to be a game-changer for aspiring business owners. With its accessible and affordable business enterprise space, the facility aims to provide a nurturing environment for visionary minds, offering a platform where they can test, refine and launch their business ideas. This exciting development will help to invigorate the local economy and foster a culture of entrepreneurship.

One of the key strengths of the Step-Up project lies in its flexibility and versatility. The facility’s design allows for a variety of uses, catering to a wide range of business needs. From dedicated business suites for more established enterprises to temporary pop-up spaces that make use of street-level retail areas, the Step-Up project will allow new businesses to adapt to the evolving demands of their market. This new, modern office space will create an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs where they can explore new business models and test their ideas with minimal risk.

By providing a centralised hub, the Step-Up project allows for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among local entrepreneurs. Through networking opportunities and communal spaces, business owners can tap into a wealth of shared experiences, forge partnerships, and foster a supportive ecosystem that fuels growth and success.

Recognising the importance of comprehensive support, the Step-Up project also goes beyond providing physical space, offering targeted business advisory services. From guidance on becoming ‘investor ready’ to advice on production, marketing and sales, business owners will be supported with the tools they need to transform their aspirations from ‘proof of concept’ to fully-fledged sustainable enterprises.

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