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Bridgwater Carnival

Steeped in history since its inception in 1881, Bridgwater Carnival is the largest illuminated procession in Europe. Now, with the support of the Bridgwater Town Deal funding, exciting changes are afoot that will improve and invigorate the future of Carnival.

Recognising its vital role in the community, the project’s primary objective is to preserve the Carnival’s legacy and encourage increased community engagement. Representing the first phase of a longer-term redevelopment of the existing Carnival sheds site, the project will deliver significant improvements to access, enhanced drainage systems and the construction of five modern workshops.

With funding from the Bridgwater Town Deal investment, plus a substantial grant from the HPC (Hinkley Point C) Community Fund, which is administered by Somerset Community Foundation, the Carnival upgrades are set to propel the event into a new era.

Phase 1 will deliver five modern sheds equipped with essential amenities such as heating, lighting and running water. This will provide local clubs and volunteers with a safe and conducive environment in which to work on their magnificent carts, ensuring the sustained dedication and enthusiasm of the Carnival community as well as encouraging new volunteers to get involved.

The redevelopment plans will also provide plenty of parking spaces, including designated spots for disabled people, and improved footpaths for walking and cycling.

The Carnival upgrades will generate significant social benefits in addition to keeping this fun and historic culture very much alive.

The upgrades to the Bridgwater Carnival sheds site will pave the way for an exciting chapter for the town. With a focus on preserving the past while embracing the future, the project will ensure the continued success of Carnival, securing its place as an emblem of community spirit and cultural pride.

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