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Bridgwater Town Board – Dunball Junction

The next project in line to be the next recipient from Bridgwater’s £23 million funding via Bridgwater Town Deal is upgrading Dunball Junction on the A38/A39.

The Dunball Junction improvement is a critical infrastructure project on the A38/A39 which is essential to enable the continued growth and regeneration of Bridgwater, reduce congestion, improve safety, and facilitate efficient traffic flow between the town centre, strategic employment sites, and the M5 motorway.

After consulting with various official groups and Boards, Sedgemoor District Council, as the accountable body for Bridgwater Town Board, has agreed to submit the business case to Government and, if agreed, this will see an additional £400,000 towards the costs.

Bridgwater was one of 101 towns asked by the Government to come up with plans for sustainable regeneration over the next 30 years. The proposals submitted have been overseen by the Bridgwater Town Deal Board comprising representatives from all tiers of local government together with community and business partners; all committed ambassadors of Bridgwater and its economic potential.

Projects approved by the Bridgwater Town Board are:

  • Bridgwater Tidal Barrier
  • Dunball Junction
  • Walking and Cycling Links
  • Bridgwater Arts Centre
  • Bridgwater Town Hall Theatre
  • Engine Room 2.0
  • Bridgwater Step-Up
  • Town Wardens
  • Celebration Mile
  • Bridgwater Docks Regeneration
  • Bridgwater Carnival


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